Finding Mr Right: essential reading for reluctantly single thirtysomethings

November 29, 2012

© Roy Lichtenstein

‘Why am I still single, after all these years?’  Some women in their mid-thirties and beyond are surprised and worried to find themselves still waiting for their elusive life partner to show up.  Annie Harrison’s unique text, without preaching or patronising, examines the topic of overcoming ‘late singledom’.  Finding Mr Right offers an expert guide, as well as hope, comfort and reassurance to smart women who aren’t planning on living alone indefinitely with the background ticking of their biological clocks.Finding Mr Right is essential reading for any reluctantly single woman who

•    is racking up the years and feels that time is running out because she just hasn’t met ‘the one’ yet
•    feels stuck as she stands by watching others move on and settle down
•    is bitter because she has a poor dating history or has invested in the wrong relationships
•    is suppressing rising panic because she fears her fertility is about to fall off a cliff and she may miss out on having much-yearned for children

Perspectives are provided by ‘widows’ of serial monogamists, men and women who are now a happy part of a couple, those who are still waiting for something to happen and some who decided to have children by themselves.  Finding Mr Right contains contributions from journalists including Mariella Frostrup, Amanda Platell and Toby Young as well as dating agency founders, fertility experts, agony aunts, relationship psychologists, academics, mistresses, single parents, a sperm-donor’s offspring, the childless and child free.

People who finally found their life partners on the cusp of 40 and some who didn’t, recount ‘how it went right’, ‘why it went wrong’ and how they are embracing the future.  The book taps into a vast resource of knowledge and speaks to the reader from the heart.

Finding Mr Right is frank and sometimes shocking, illuminating the desperate measures some women of a certain age are prepared to take in order to capture the heart of a man and/or to have his baby. It contains cautionary tales highlighting the potential pitfalls which can beset some women who tackle dating with over-zealous determination in their quest to reel in ‘the one’.  But Annie more than balances this with many heart-warming and uplifting true stories of women who overcame their ‘Bridget Jones’ status to eventually find love.  Finding Mr Right is laced with the humour of everyday life.  It’s not a ‘how to’ book – more of an inspirational collection of experiences and insights, from both men and women.  It focusses on the plight of the reluctantly single late thirtysomething and demonstrates how positive life changes can be made for emotional fulfilment and happiness.

Finding Mr Right is available in paperback and on Kindle through Amazon.

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